DYW: Pevensey - January 12, 2011

PLEASANTLY SURPRISED the other day by a drop-in visit from Fred Housego, the 1980 Mastermind winner who now lives in Waverley Gardens in the Bay. Still driving his trademark black cab Fred called in to update me on this year’s Pevfest, due to explode on Sunday July 24 and probably the best yet! Fred and his fellows on the Pevfest committee met last week to begin the mammoth task of raising the support of businesses and individuals in Pevensey and Pevensey Bay and planning the line-up of bands and events for the big day. Probably on the cards is a bigger and better festival parade than ever before!

YOUR PARISH COUNCIL’s first meeting of the new year was due last night. On the agenda was the resignation of Cllr Susan Crosby Jones, from Churchlands Farm on Rickney Lane, one of only two Pevensey village representatives on the 12 strong council. Which means there is a vacancy which you could fill. To find out how contact Malcolm Lawson, the council clerk, on 483255 or 743900 or Pevenseypc@btconnect.com.

YOU WILL BE PLEASED to hear that your councillors are taking a special interest in the future of the Priory Court Hotel amid worries that a redevelopment planning application could emerge. Councillors are finding out what it takes to get the building English Heritage listing status. Councillors weren’t too sure of the historical significance of the place. Way back in the 15th century it was Pevensey rectory, becoming a hotel in more modern times but now abandoned and defunct.

WHO BASHED our bridge? Some kind of heavy vehicle has made contact with the parapet of Pevensey Bridge and caused a large crack to appear. Cllr Norman Beaney who lives nearby has alerted east Sussex County Council.

IT WILL COST you around £61.000 through the council taxes to run Pevensey and Pevensey Bay for the year. Biggest outgoings are £8,000 for emptying doggy bins, £7,750 for the Ethel Wood community centre, £7,000 for the services of the community police officers and £5,500 for parish maintenance.

ANOTHER BUSY MONTH for the Rector and his colleagues, with this Sunday the beginning of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity followed on Thursday at 11am by the Short East End Churches Christian Unity Service in St Nicolas. The usual Epiphany services in between, but on Sunday January 30 it’s the Candlemas service ahead of the festival itself on Wednesday February 2. What’s it all about? Candlemas focuses on Jesus’ babyhood at a temple when a Jewish man named Simeon was said to have held him in his arms and said he ‘would be a light for the Gentiles.’ Thus the candle lights.

AND EPIPHANY? The word simply means the manifestation of a superhuman being. The being in C-of-E terms, Jesus manifested to the three wise men.

TIME to get your diary out, Mum, and jot down the important Pevensey and Westham School holiday dates for the year ahead: Monday February 21 to Friday February 25; Monday April 11 to Monday April 25; Monday May 30 to Friday June 3 and Monday July 25 to Monday September 5.