DYW: Pevensey - February 9, 2011

THREE people put themselves forward to replace councillor Sue Crosby Jones who resigned from the parish council a couple of months ago.

However there’s only a couple of months to go to the parish council elections, and the remaining councillors didn’t think it was worth voting in a replacement for just a few weeks.

FOUR disappointed organisations in the area.

Pevensey Community Action Group, Pevensey and Westham Play Group, Victim Support and Pevfest.

They all applied for grants from the parish council for help with their costs, but were all refused.

Grants to seven other groups were, however, passed totalling £8,100 - the largest being £1,500 each to the Information and Caring Centre and St Wilfrid’s Hall management committee.

ST NICOLAS Church hopes of a sizeable chunk towards the cost of the new sloping access fell on deafish ears.

Proposals to contribute £1,000 and then £750 were lost by a tiny one-vote margin.

But a final proposal to give £500 was carried by the parish council.

AM I wrong in feeling concerned that with the departure of councillor Sue Crosby Jones there is now only one Pevensey resident on Pevensey Parish Council, Norman Beaney.

Maybe it should be renamed Pevensey Bay Parish Council.

HOW MUCH will it cost to run our local services for the next year?

A cool £92,500 according to best estimates, and that includes community policing, dog-bin emptying, three community halls, parish maintenance and a myriad of other tasks.

LITTER louts watch out! The police are going to help in a campaign to clean up the two villages.

THE LOONEY Levels Lions may soon be on their bikes.

Wealden District Council is getting quotes for the cost of removing the unsightly horrors, and they should be in by the end of the month.

Sheikh Abid has been told, and now it’s simply a question of whether he removes them before the council does it for him.