DYW: Pevensey - December 8, 2010

EARLY Christmas present for Pevensey and Pevensey Bay’s young people. The Local Action Team has done a magnificent job smartening up the skate park off Wallsend Road.

They’ve put in splendidly rustic wooden fencing and will soon start work on the shelter the kids need.

The youngsters could show their gratitude by stopping chucking their litter and empty drink cans everywhere making the place look like a scrapyard.

THE high seas a month ago apparently caused significant erosion to almost all of the Bay’s sea defences. The two Bay wave buoys recorded waves of 3.9 to 4.1m at high water. This meant an event with a severity of 1 in 20 years, accounting for the increased erosion.

ENVIRONMENT Department published a list of nearly 350 organisations it is consulting over flood defences. Conspicuous by their absence are East Sussex and Wealden councils and Pevensey Bay Flood Defences.

As the consultation is all about who pays for the defences, they should get involved by emailing floods.funding@defra.gsi.gov.uk . Responses should be received by February 16 next year.

FRIENDLY rap over the knuckles from respected historian High Miller over my continued references to Pevensey as a town. Not so, he says. Lost its town status in the 19th century when it stopped being a borough.

Hugh always knows what he’s talking about, but I checked Wikipedia anyway! It says ‘in 1207 the town was granted a royal charter by King John and was governed by Pevensey Corporation. With the decline in the town’s importance by the 19th century, the Corporation was eventually dissolved in 1886 and the town lost its borough status. Pevensey is now a village.’

Well they can’t both be wrong. So from now on it’s village. Although between 1881 and 1961 the parish population went from 365 to 2,131 and it’s now around 4,000 and still growing. Maybe we ought to get our town status back again!

HUGH also says the town square isn’t the town square, but more properly the market square. Seeing as how the old market offices stood on it, I suppose he’s right again!

THE MOORINGS has been given the go-ahead for its smart new sun-lounge extension replacing the tatty old bit along the eastern side..

REMINDER: Geoff Dent’s funeral is at the crematorium on Friday at 1.45pm. His daughter Vicky says that if you knew Geoff you will be welcome at the Smugglers in High Street afterwards to celebrate his colourful life.

VERY apt as Geoff, with his love of local history, would know. His wake comes almost 177 years to the month of the event which gave the pub its present name.

A ferocious battle between Coastguards from the Martello towers and armed smugglers at Pevensey sluice. One contemporaneous report said, in part, that in November 1833 a boat was seen near Pevensey sluice by a boatman on probation, who hailed her, and on discharging his pistol as an alarm was immediately fired at by several armed smugglers.

The Lieutenant in command of Tower 57, with part of his crew, came along the sea-wall just inland of the smugglers, who at once faced round and fired, retreating to the marshes. The coastguards apparently caught up with them about seven miles inland and five smugglers were captured and two killed. The coastguards got a £20 bonus each - very handy for Christmas 1833.

ENTERTAINMENT at the pub is a little more normal these days. But this month sees Nostalgia play on Friday night, Watson Brothers on Saturday, Sophisticated Lady of Swing next Sunday and the great Stray Dogs on Saturday, December 18. Go for it Gary!