DYW: Pevensey - December 29, 2010

THE LAST THING you want to think about now is food.

And for one day a week lots of mature folk don’t have to bother what to get for lunch.

They are members of the Friendship Lunch, and you can join them and get a free bus ride too!

The Friendship Lunch is held every Tuesday at Westham village hall with coffee from 10.30am and lunch from noon.

Just £4.50 for good food and good company.

It’s not just open to Westham folk! To get there from Pevensey or the Bay you just have to book the Rover 6 the day before to get you there, free if you have a bus pass.

Good food? Well typical two course menus include roast lamb, boiled gammon, beef bourguignon and cottage pie.

Want to know more? Call good old Joyce on 763344.

WANNA BURN Christmas off? This morning from 11.30am there is a Zumba Fitness Class at the Beach Tavern lasting an hour.

What’s Zumba? It’s a dance-based fitness work out with hot latino music! Ole!