DYW: Herstmonceux - January 12, 2011

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WELL DONE to the New Year’s Eve Charity Dance organisers who, having put on a great evening also managed to raise a fantastic amount of money for the Sussex Air Ambulance.

All in all they will be presenting them with a cheque of £1,020, five hundred and twenty of which was raised from the proceeds of the dance and then, to their amazement, they were given an anonymous £500 donation which they were delighted with. All in all a very good and profitable evening. Already the plans for next year are on the go but I have to say, I think it’s just a little too early to book your tickets right now!

BINGO: You’ve had to wait a little longer than normal for this month’s bingo but never fear there’s not much longer to wait now because the next date set for the Herstmonceux afternoon bingo will be January 26. Eyes down will be as normal at 2.15pm and the venue will of course be the Herstmonceux Village Hall.

All are welcome, it’s just £3 for 12 games with prizes for both lines and full houses and a tea break with some really nice homemade cakes.

So, if you haven’t tried them before then give them a go now, a great crowd and always ready to welcome newcomers.

THERE are two chances at bingo this month as on Friday, January 28, the Herstmonceux Gardeners’ Club will be holding a bingo evening to which we are all invited. Tickets will cost £8 per head, which includes a chicken and chips, sausage and chips or veggie burger and chips supper, and are available by telephoning 833006 to leave your name, number of tickets required, choice of food and your telephone number.

Always a very enjoyable evening and a lot of fun as well so please, don’t be shy now, if you have never played bingo in your life it really doesn’t matter as there’s always someone to help you, just get on that telephone and book right now, you really won’t regret it.

BEETLE Drive: It’s funny, but do you know I have never met anybody who doesn’t enjoy going to a Beetle Drive and on January 15 we all have that very chance because the Friends of All Saints Church will be holding such an event in the village hall at Herstmonceux and they are inviting us all to go along.

It starts at 2.30pm and tickets, which include all beetle games as well as a delicious tea during the interval, are available from Chris Standen on 833534 at £5 for an adult and £4 for under 13’s.

Please feel free to join them, just give Chris a ring as soon as possible which will help her with the catering.

And talking of catering, if there is anybody who could help out on that score, could you also give Chris a ring.

CHURCH SERVICES: January 16 and Holy communion (BCP) will be held at Wartling church at 8am with Holy Communion (common worship) along with Son spot being held at Herstmonceux church at 9.45am and 11am respectively.