Drusillas Park animals get a festive treat

A meerkat gets ready to tackle a Christmas treat
A meerkat gets ready to tackle a Christmas treat

AS THE nation woke up to turkey dinners and a host of brightly coloured parcels, Father Christmas had not forgotten the four-legged residents of Drusillas Park who received some special deliveries of their own.

Although the zoo was closed to the public between December 24 and December 26, the keepers donned their wellies and worked throughout the holidays to serve the animals with their own festive fayre.

They also had a number of unusual parcels to distribute before Christmas was finally wrapped up for another year.

The park’s popular Capuchins were one of the first to receive a seasonal surprise. On the top of their wish list was a large helping of monkey nuts.

The tasty treats were covered in hay and delivered in gift wrapped boxes for the troop to discover. Barney, Junior and Moose were thrilled to tear into the peanut parcels.

Elsewhere, the mischievous meerkats were making a happy discovery of their own. Their bespoke boxes were crammed full of magical meal-worms along with some of their other favourite foods too. The group took no time in tearing open the parcels. They then rummaged enthusiastically for the goodies that were hidden within.

Delivering the animals’ meals in imaginative and unusual ways is part of the zoo’s enrichment programme.