Drusillas name cute fox duo

The two little foxes
The two little foxes

TWO FENNEC foxes born earlier this year at Drusillas have been called Ayana and Razi by keepers. The cute canines arrived in May and have been doing well alongside parents Mali and Tabari. They are the third litter of foxes to be born at the park in two years.

To experience so many births in such close succession is a real achievement for Drusillas; surviving cubs are rare generally attributed to the sensitivity of the parents to any disturbance.

Zookeepers held off naming the adorable duo immediately following their birth as they were keen to establish the sex of the cubs first. This was difficult in the months immediately following their arrival as they were closely guarded by Mali and Tabari and opportunities were therefore limited.

Now the cubs are less dependant the keepers have been able to confirm the baby bundles as both a male and a female cub, which they have named Razi and Ayana respectively.

Pictured: Ayana and Razi will grow up to look like these Fennec foxes.