Drop down kerb outside Eastbourne school labelled a waste of money

A drop down kerb to help people cross the road which has a barrier in front of it has been labelled a waste of money and a lack of common sense.

The dropped kerb was placed in line with pedestrian gates outside Motcombe School in Macmillan Drive to help mums with pushchairs and people with disabilities cross the road.

But a barrier has been placed across the drop down kerb which has prompted criticism from Old Town Liberal Democrats who say the Conservative run highways department at East Sussex County Council have dropped a clanger.

“Old Town residents have been left wondering just what the highways department was up to when they saw the outcome of the latest waste of money and lack of common sense,” said Councillor John Ungar.

“These drop down kerbs are to help people cross the road easily however, in order to stop children running onto the road, the highways department carried out a master stroke by placing a barrier across the drop down kerb thus making it completely pointless and creating danger for those residents with a slight impairment.”

Councillor Ungar said he has asked the county council “just how much money has been waste on this project”.

“It’s no wonder the county council hasn’t got any money to install enough drop down kerbs where they are being asked for when they waste the council taxpayer’s money like this.”

East Sussex County Council highways boss Carl Maynard admitted this week the barrier being placed across the drop down kerb was an error.

“It is regrettable that incorrect works were carried out by a contractor,” he said.

“It was an administrative error but it is my understanding the works will be remedied before the children return to school next week.”