Drivers warned not to overload vehicles

Police have warned drivers not to overload their vehicles.
Police have warned drivers not to overload their vehicles.

Police have issued a warning to drivers not to overload their vehicles after a dangerously heavy truck was stopped on the A27 earlier this month.

A member of the public phoned the police after spotting the vehicle near Lewes, which was later discovered as carrying nearly two tonnes over its permitted maximum weight.

Drivers and their companies convicted of overloading their vehicle can be fined up to £15,000 and if the vehicle is involved in an accident, they could be charged with other offences as well.

Sergeant Bryan McCartney, of East Sussex Roads Policing Unit, said, “Overloading a vehicle has big implications in respect of its handling, stability and overall safety.

“I would urge all drivers to be aware of the design limits of their vehicles, especially commercial vehicles that are used to carry loads.

“Remember that aggregate when wet can be almost twice the weight of dry.”

Overloading a vehicle can make it difficult to steer and increases its stopping distance, increases fuel consumption and puts extra strain on tyres, making them more likely to burst.

It also invalidates insurance cover so if you are in an accident, your insurance company will not support you with any costs you might face.

If you see a vehicle being driven dangerously, report it at