Driver’s call for fence after golf ball hits car

'Shattered' car windscreen from a golf ball along Cross Levels Way April 3rd 2013 E14156P'Mike Peach with his car
'Shattered' car windscreen from a golf ball along Cross Levels Way April 3rd 2013 E14156P'Mike Peach with his car

A shocked motorist said he feels a fence should be put in place at a golfing park after a golf ball shattered the windscreen on his wife’s car.

Mike Peach was driving his wife’s Toyota iQ along Cross Levels Way on Tuesday morning when the incident happened.

The 70-year-old said, “I was in a queue of traffic and saw this little white object come off the ground from alongside the car in front of me and saw it was a golf ball and it hit the screen on the passenger side. It made a hell of a noise and frightened me to death.”
The Pashley Road resident said he fears he would have been killed had he been riding his motorbike and feels the idea of installing a fence could be looked at to shelter cyclists, motorists and pedestrians should a similar incident happen in the future.

Mr Peach said he went to nearby Eastbourne Golfing Park in Lottbridge Drove where he believed the golf ball must have come from afterwards to explain the situation.

He said he spoke to a member of staff who was polite and left his details with him. Mr Peach, who is now set to pay the excess insurance costs of £75, said he was left shocked by the incident adding, “I was going to a motorcycle place to book in an MOT and would have taken my motorbike but it was so cold I took the car. If I had been on my motorbike I would have been dead. I’m wondering whether they ought to put a fence up.”

Eastbourne Golfing Park was established in 1992. Cross Levels Way was opened on October 20 the following year.

Ray Cruttenden, the owner of Eastbourne Golfing Park, “The gentleman reported the incident to a member of staff, he was very polite as was the member of staff. “We are sorry about the incident, it’s a very, very rare occurrence.”

A sign at the park warns golfers they are responsible for the ball they are hitting and refers to hazards on the course including trip and water hazards.