Driver broke police breathalyser

A CARPENTER broke a breathalyser after refusing to be tested for drink driving, a court heard.

Bobby Blackman was arrested after police smelled alcohol on his breath and saw he had blood shot eyes when they pulled him over in the early hours of March 18.

He was abusive to officers when he was taken to the police station and refused to provide a specimen for analysis.

Blackman of Maidstone Road, Maidstone, said to police officers, “You’re not going to get me for this.”

The 30-year-old carpenter, who had been repairing Boots in the Crumbles retail park after an arson attack, threw a sock at the breathalyser before breaking the expensive object.

Police say it cost £691 to repair.

Blackman pleaded guilty to criminal damage and failing to provide a specimen at Eastbourne Magistrates’ Court on April 1.

Madeleine Priestley, defending, said he had been staying at a bed and breakfast in Royal Parade with others from a travelling band of workmen.

They had gone out drinking, became separated and Blackman could not get back into his room.

“For some reason, and again this is not satisfactory and I cannot provide the court with a satisfactory explanation, maybe he got cold and started the engine to get warm,” said Ms Priestley.

He was fined £285, ordered to pay £691 in compensation and disqualified from driving for 18 months.