Drink or drive but don’t do both: police

Drink or drive – but never both. That’s the message from the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership. Just one alcoholic drink affects your ability to drive safely – in fact even with a blood alcohol level substantially under the legal limit, a driver is at three times greater risk of dying in a vehicle crash.

To make the roads safer for all this year, the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) will be promoting its Drink Or Drive message throughout the summer. An education campaign will start in the middle of May, followed by an intensive period of enforcement carried out by Sussex Police during June.

Neil Hopkins, Communications Manager for the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, said, “Virtually everyone knows that getting behind the wheel after an alcoholic drink is a poor choice. Sadly, however, some people still do so, which is why we’re promoting a simple choice – drink or drive.” See www.DrinkOrDrive.co.uk