Dream tribute to The Supremes

Dream Supreme tribute act at Eastbourne Bandstand
Dream Supreme tribute act at Eastbourne Bandstand

Dream Supreme brings the exciting tribute concert of The Supremes to Eastbourne Bandstand on Friday, August 2, starting at 8pm.

The Arrindell Sisters, who started practicing in their parents’ room, consists of Keri, Sharlene and Jennifer Arrindell.

Keri, the lead singer and unrivalled star of the show, is a singer, songwriter and girls finalist on X-Factor and brings her soulful voice and excellent vocal range to the group.

Sharlene and Jennifer generate a harmonious backing to Keri’s striking lead vocals and together they are graceful, vibrant and entertaining.

The sisters were raised in a household of music and enjoyed joyful hours of singing together.

They soon decided to perform a tribute to Diana Ross and The Supremes - where Dream Supreme was born.

The show includes all the great Motown hits including Stop In The Name Of Love, Automatically Sunshine, Baby Love, Everybody’s Got The Right To Love and many more! Tickets are £7.50 for adults and £5.25 for children in advance (or £9 and £6.25 on the door).

Tonight (Friday) it’s Only One Direction tribute at the Bandstand, start 8pm.