‘Dr Death’ to hold suicide workshop

A PRO-EUTHANASIA group, whose leader is known as Dr Death, is holding a public workshop on assisted suicide in Eastbourne.

Exit International will be holding its inaugural public meeting and workshop in Eastbourne on Monday February 21 at the Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club.

Organisers say the free meeting is open to all and promises to examine the history and the legislative situation of assisted suicide around the world.

After the meeting there will be a workshop for people ‘over 50 and of sound mind’ when Dr Philip Nitschke will outline current approaches to practical end of life options.

The doctor, named Dr Death by the media, rose to prominence in 1996 when he helped four of his patients to die when assisted suicide was legal in Australia under short-lived legislation.

The issue sparked controversy and in both October 2008 and May last year Dr Nitschke was forced to scrap meetings in Eastbourne after venues feared the events may have been illegal and cancelled bookings.

Dr Nitschke told the Herald he hopes the first Exit meeting in Eastbourne, starting at 1.30pm, will provoke public debate.

He said, “The Exit philosophy is that information is empowering. Equipping seniors with knowledge will enable them to make their own end of life decisions, should the need ever arise.

“It might seem a paradox but Exit experience shows that knowing one’s end of life choices actually extends life, as a person in their later years can stop worrying and get on with living.”