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DID YOU KNOW: That articles sent to the local newspapers for inclusion each week are sent to an editor who then decides on how the newspaper is made up each week. Contributors have a deadline date each week to send in reports one week in advance of publication date. As this news diary page runs from Friday of one week, to Thursday. Any reports received after the report has been sent off, will be kept over for the following week. So anything with a specific date if sent in late, is often not included in my column, but put in the newspaper wherever they have spaces. So if your articles do not appear when you think they should be, complaints should be sent to the newspaper concerned, and not to contributors who give up their time in order to send off the articles on your behalf. This is the reason why I ask contributions to be send to me two weeks in advance, as I have to send my copy in one week in advance of publication date. As we are no longer paid for our contributions, doing this as a charitable act, there is a limit as to how many complaints one can tolerate before giving up altogether.

TUESDAY ART GROUP: Is looking for more members. We meet every Tuesday from 10am to 1pm at Wannock Hall. This friendly, well established group is keen to welcome new members, whether beginners or more advanced. We do not have a tutor, but there is plenty of help available within the group. The main aim is for members to enjoy what they do. Refreshments are available during the morning. For more information and the opportunity to come for a free taster session, please contact John Brown 01323 489028.

CLOSURE OF LOCAL LIBRARIES: May be a way of saving money, but for book lovers and those who like to read paper books it really must stay. Not everyone is electronically minded a place for the community to meet and learn from paper books. Also to learn how to use a computer. Younger children like holding and reading board books, not quite the same experience with an electronic tablet. Please contact Stephen Shing shings@shings.co.uk or telephone 489265, with your views on saving our local library. Willingdon and Polegate Libraries are both scheduled to close. Forms are available from local libraries to complete to register your views to East Sussex County Council.

COFFEE MORNING: Charity Coffee Morning on Thursday October 12 at the British Queen, Lower Willingdon from 10am to noon. A different charity each second Thursday of the month.

ANDERIDA WRITERS: Mike George, a colourful Sussex-based author, will be the guest speaker at Anderida Writers’ meeting at their new venue, the Cavendish Hotel, 38 Grand Parade, Eastbourne, on Tuesday October 10 at 7.30pm. Mike has had eight books published, including Puttees and a Pinstripe, covering his riotous boyhood romps, relationships and army service, and All Wind and Pips, dealing with military manoeuvres, civilian courtships and literary landslips. He has conducted creative writing classes, and now specialises in pre-publication preparation of other people’s work; including copy-editing and book-doctoring. He will provide a bagful of advice, anecdotes and yarns. Anderida can boast of several published authors, including Chairman Mike Fleming, Francis Wait, Phillipa Drake, Tony Flood, Heather Flood, Robin Kempe, Laurie Wilkinson and David Wells. Their books can be found on both Amazon and on the Anderida Writers website at anderida writerseastbourne.org.uk/links.html

The website offers signed copies at bargain prices. New members are welcome at a friendly club which helps published authors, would-be authors and those wanting to write for fun. Details can be obtained from Tony Flood at tflood04@yahoo.co.uk and 01323 471726.