Down Your Way - Pevensey (June 13th)

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WONDERFUL place to be for Jubilee was Pevensey with all kinds of picnics and events up at the castle and a splendid parade of Morris men, dancers and bands through the heart of the village. Much fun too in all the pubs in Pevensey and the Bay as the bunting and union flag bowlers came out.

NOT so wonderful when you look at the mess created around us. A half-hearted attempt has been made to clear a yard deep border of the overgrown banks of the Seahaven as it runs alongside Wallsend Road and has left it looking like a wilderness still. And along Coast Road the strange use of slabs of turf to cover the eastern outfall is failing already with the water finding its own path across the soggy mess.

FURTHER along Coast Road work seems to be progressing well on a new beachside house which looks as though it will add to the pleasures of the area.

SECRET INFO the best free apples in the area look like being here again this autumn. A beautiful apple tree has sprung up alongside the Normans Bay level crossing and it bears delicious bright red fruit.

MORE signs of life at the Priory Court with notices giving the exciting news some rooms may be open for use next summer and the place back in full operation in 2014. Not so the tea rooms, which despite encouraging murmurs from English Heritage and MP Greg Barker remain stolidly closed at the height of the tourist season when coaches crowd the car park and visitors wander haplessly with only Brian Smart’s excellent tea and gateaux to keep them happy.

LOOKING for more celebrations - look no further. Next Wednesday we can celebrate the capture of Buenos Aires by British forces in 1806. That’s 206 years of corned beef sarnies in summer.