Down Your Way: Langney and Shinewater - May 23

IT’S OFFICIAL. Road resurfacing for both Milfoil and Larkspur Drive is just around the corner. Quite literally for many of us. From June 6, the work will be in operation for four days from East Sussex Highways and will take place from 7am-5pm.

If you do happen to live in Milfoil, Larkspur or in the off-roads, access for you will be maintained, but may be limited at times due to the nature of the works.

WE’VE also had news this week on the so-called oil structure, look-alike thing that was in Sorrel Drive last week. It turns out; the red structure was actually testing the earth. The new build will be taking place shortly and application has been put forward to demolish Avon Court. A full read the planning can be seen at

DON’T forget, free Youth Activities are on offer at Langney Community Centre (soon to be called Langney Village Hall). DJ Workshops, cooking, arts and crafts, dance, drama, music and more can be given a go every Tuesday from 6-8pm in the evening. Staff at the centre are keen for young people to let them know what sort of activities they wish to see in the future too.

ANOTHER accolade has been received by Bishop Bell in Priory Road. They’ve been recognised as a National Support School with Mr Boatwright being designated as a National Leader of Education (NLE). The designation is made of behalf of the Government by the National College of School Leadership and means Bishop Bell and their staff are recognised for their work with other schools to raise educational standard. Way to go!

NEXT week is the Langney Area Panel meeting. Held on a monthly basis, members of the group and residents of the district are invited to participate in discussions on events and issues going on. Tea and coffee are on tap with biscuits available and sometimes even scrumptious cake! The meeting kicks off from 5pm on Thursday (31st) for chit chat and nibbles and officially begins from 6pm at Langney Resource Centre in Etchingham Road (underneath Wiltshire Court, opposite Langney Community Centre).

SPEAKING of Langney Resource Centre, the last few places remain for our FREE DVD Making and YouTube Workshops. The three week courses start on Wednesday next week (30th) and begin from 9am. Call 01323 436436 to book your place or give me a ring or e-mail to find out more.

EASTBOURNE & District Diabetic Club are in attendance on June 2 at Langney Shopping Centre. The group are holding an ‘Awareness and Information Day’ with Tombola from 9.30am and 1pm. Pop along to find out about the local Diabetes club and to help raise funds during diabetes week. Call 508007 to speak with Janet the Secretary or Treasurer Frances on 639286.

Steve Hopper 07799 262639