Down Your Way: Langney and Shinewater - March 14

THE Langney Area Panel report from the latest meeting! One item on the agenda was to find out if there was any news on opening the car park in Sevenoaks Road.

A quote had been received, said Councillor Alan Shuttleworth, but the cost was far too high. They‘re now looking at other avenues.

Work is going well in relation to Langney Community Centre. The old social club and decorating the main hall is being arranged with Community Payback and Sussex Downs College will supply students to work on refurbishing the toilets.

Scott Brunton, neighbourhood management officer, thanked the panel for the donation towards redevelopment.

A jubilee party is being looked at and a survey may be making its way soon, to find out what you think. The party will be on the Village Green on Bank Holiday Weekend in June.

The next Panel meeting is on Thursday, March 29, 6pm-8pm (go along from 5pm for coffee, tea, biscuits and a casual conversation before the formalities start.

IT’S ‘NO Smoking Day’ today (Wednesday) so why not pop down to the stop smoking service, just outside the back of Langney Shopping Centre. By literally Walking into Wellbeing you could join hundreds of others in defeating your habit. They run various clinics that could be very beneficial to you in stamping it out.

ARE YOUR teens acting up? Maybe they would be well suited in a drama club. Causeway School students have the chance to join a group on Wednesdays, 3pm-4pm. The club is run by Ms Purser, Miss Cross along with Key Stage 4 Drama leaders in the Drama Studio.

CAUSEWAY students have been going for gold already and we’re still months away from the Olympics.

This time it’s not in relation to sport. A number of pupils have been awarded Vivo Gold Card Memberships at the school in Larkspur Drive due to hard work, good contribution in lessons, helping others, attendance, punctuation and great behaviour outside the classroom.

Year 7’s Elliott Stiles has represented his age group well. Tia Curtis, Katie Ellis, Monia Fathallah, Emily Graham, Courtney Murphy, Ivy Phutinthung and Kiera Rae from Year 8 have also done their bit. Year 10’s Rebecca Clarke and Abigail Kirk and Ellie Mannel from Year 11 went on to win memberships too.

The students can now spend 1000 earned points online or continue to save for something bigger. They can also donate to charity if they wish. Well done all and keep it up.

BISHOP Bell School’s Luke McWilton has been doing his school proud as of late. The cross country runner competed in the county finals recently and finished an impressive 13th in the Under 17’s category.

He had to overcome injury just to race and qualified for the next round in Basildon, He finished 55th out of 250 runners from the South.

More than 100 performers appeared in an evening of dance at Bishop Bell. Ms Levack and Ms McQueen were responsible for organising the event and it was well received by all who attended.

The talent was immense and those who appeared showed great potential for the future. The evening ended with Rock Challenge which was competed against other schools at The Congress Theatre on Monday.

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