DOWN YOUR WAY (July 4th): Pevensey & Pevensey Bay

VERY best wishes to Eastbourne roofing expert Eddie McClean who survived a 15ft fall from scaffolding while fixing my roof in Pevensey High Street. He was helicoptered to the Royal Sussex in Brighton, but was back home again in a few days although his painful injuries will keep him off my ladder for a while. Seems his fitness as a proprietor of the Asterix gym in Eastbourne helped him a lot.

GOOD ADVICE from Wealden police to avoid being burgled this summer. They say more than 50% of offences happen when people leave their houses insecure. They leave a door open or do not lock up when they go out for a few hours.

Thieves will take any chance they can to commit crime. Please follow these simple rules.

Never leave your doors or windows unlocked if going out.

If working in the garden close your doors and lock them, if some distance from the property.

If going on holiday let local officers know (use the Sussex Police website and email your local officer the details.)

If you are out when it gets dark make use of a timer to switch a light on. These are cheap and easy to use. Contact your local officer if any problems.

If on holiday get a neighbour to move the post/pull the curtains at night if possible.

They say there is nothing worse than being a victim of burglary .

STUPID idea to put the Olympic torch on the back of a bus at the Wallsend Road level crossing instead of having the runner continue into Pevensey and up to the A27 roundabout on July 17.

They had already screwed up by sending it along Richmond Road instead of the Bay High Street, but public protest put that right. Maybe we can do the same over the barmy bus ride. Make your point by calling Wealden Council on 443322.

CAN’T HELP smiling to hear about someone hurting a dentist. Pevensey Bay’s Derek Pushman, aged 76, has received £3,000 after one of his dental implants fell out. Mr Pushman received the payout in an out-of-court settlement after his dentist failed to recognise his gum disease before fitting implants, which led to the procedure failing.

HEARTFELT plea from a Bay resident to motorists to stop speeding along Coast Road. Apparently two cats have been run over in recent weeks and with summer holidays upon us, and children making their way to the beach, he fears it could be worse.