DOWN YOUR WAY (July 31st): Sovereign Harbour

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CONSULTATION on the Sovereign Harbour Neighbourhood Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) has now closed. The large number of responses which were posted on the online planning portal will be combined with the feedback received at the consultation event held at the Yacht Club on June 30 and analysed to identify common areas of concern.

The final draft of the SPD, when completed, will be sent to the planning committee for approval before being discussed by the Cabinet and the full council.

The submission version of the document will then undergo inspection before, hopefully, being incorporated into the Local Development Core Strategy.

THE small fishing fleet based at Sovereign Harbour is facing concerns over the safety of its future, with the possibility that the land they currently occupy (Site 3) is to be developed for housing.

The fishermen’s request for residents’ support has been met with overwhelming support.

To find out more and express your support for the local fishing industry visit:

THE guest speaker at the Meeting of the Rotary Club of Sovereign Harbour on Wednesday, July 25 was Elizabeth Baxter from St Wilfrid’s hospice.

Elizabeth told the members about the purpose-built facility, set in beautiful surroundings, that is scheduled to open in January 2013.

Cllr Gordon Jenkins offered a vote of thanks and presented Elizabeth with a cheque for £1,000.

The Rotary Club of Sovereign Harbour meets every Tuesday at 7pm in Simply Italian at the Sovereign Harbour Waterfront; new members and visiting Rotarians are always welcome.

HARBOUR residents are very concerned repairs to residential roads and street furniture are not being completed to an acceptable standard. Damaged bollards are being removed, and not replaced, and expensive block paving is being removed and replaced with patches of ugly asphalt.The removed bollards were situated in areas where vehicles could be a danger to pedestrians, but highway engineers say that they are purely cosmetic.Sovereign Ward County Councillor, David Elkin, is aware of the situation and has agreed to take the issue up with the appropriate council officers.

DESPITE the efforts of EBC enforcement officers, who have issued a number of £80 fixed penalties, abandoned supermarket trolleys continue to be an eyesore all over the harbour. If you see a trolleys, call “Trolleywise” on 07930-662024, stating the exact location.

UNDER a proposed new scheme, the sea off the beach at Sovereign Harbour may become a marine nature reserve known as a “Marine Control Zone”. In the last few years, the UK Government has been developing plans for a further hundred Marine Control Zones around the UK. MCZs, as they are known, have been designated all over world as part of a WWF initiative. Probably the best known MCZ is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia but more locally, Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel has been a MCZ for some years. For more information, visit:

BRITISH TELECOM is rolling out its fibre optic network “Infinity” across Eastbourne, but there appear to be no plans to include Sovereign Harbour. If you would like a super-fast Broadband connection, visit:, and click on the “Find out More” button on the large “Infinity” advertisement. Then, click on the “Can I get BT Infinity” button and follow the instructions.

When you are notified that you can’t get Infinity, click on the “Register Interest” button and enter your details.