DOWN YOUR WAY (July 31st): Pevensey and Pevensey Bay

SCHOOL holiday time and the right moment to increase your youngsters’ knowledge of the area. Take them halfway along the high street to the Tudor Court Hall, once the smallest town hall in England.

The Courthouse Museum and Jail dates from the 13th century and courts met there until the dissolution of the borough in 1866.

The Courthouse is now a museum with a host of local exhibits, including the oldest surviving Cinque Ports Seal and a silver penny of William 1 (minted at Pevensey).

MORE busy goings on at the old Priory Court hotel with many tradesmen’s trucks going back and forth. A sign says it’ll re-open in part next summer.

FURTHER to the Castle Tea Rooms saga. Every time I see the closed up doors I’m reminded that if English Heritage had taken up Mary Beaney’s offer to make it a café and artistic display centre it would have been making money for over a year.

STILL no sign of what is planned for the strangely grassed eastern outfall of the Salthaven on Coast Road.

THANKFULLY the roadworks which meant Pevensey village alternating between emptiness and streams of traffic seem to be nearly over in Westham High Street.

LACK of rain is showing up in the low water at Pevensey Bridge. The Salthaven’s highest water at this point was once four and a half metres. This week, however, the level is down to only just under three metres.

PEVENSEY seems quite a small place these days. But centuries back the Pevensey Rape included such faraway places as Alciston, Bishopstone, Burleigh Arches, Danehill Horsted, Dill, East Grinstead, Eastbourne, Flexborough, Hartfield, Longbridge, Loxfield Dorset, Loxfield Pelham, Pevensey Lowey, Ringmer, Rotherfield, Rushmonden, Shiplake, Totnore and Willingdon.