Down Your Way: Hellingly & Horsebridge

Holy Communion on Thursday at 9.30am (BCP) and 8am every Sunday (CW). This Sunday there is also a Holy Communion (CW) service at 10.45am and Evensong at 6.30pm. Upper Dicker: 9.15am Holy Communion (CW).

JUMBLE sale onn Saturday at Hellingly village hall from 10.30am, n aid of the Wildlife Rescue Ambulance Service.

CHRISTMAS CONCERT. On Saturday there is music by Wealden Brass, mulled wine and mince pies at Hellingly Parish Church, 3pm to 5pm. Tickets are £6 from (01323) 841685 or 842620.

UPPER DICKER parking. After much discussion covering the areas put forward by councillors and residents, the following outcome was reached:

Churchyard: Land cannot be used as it is an open churchyard (burials are still accepted).

Village Green: Need to establish if it is a registered Village Green or just referred to as one.

Pumping Station: The area in front is not feasible as the pole is in the way.

Recreation Ground: The APC Clerk had spoken to the solicitor about this possibility. The land would need to be appropriated and a public notice put in the local paper. As the land is held for a charitable purpose it makes it difficult to use it for villagers off site parking. It would be easier if the car park is used for recreation ground users.

Also construction work cannot be undertaken within 2.5 metres either side of the easement strip. It was agreed the matter go on hold until after the traffic management scheme is fully in place.

PHOTOGRAPHIC Society: In 2005, speaker for the evening, George McCarthy FRPS, convinced his wife to sell their house, put their furniture into storage and have a year’s break from her nursing career to tour America with him.

They bought a Winnebago Recreational Vehicle with a total length - including a four-wheel drive vehicle they were towing - of 52 feet! They were quoted £96k for a bottom of the range vehicle in Oxfordshire, but decided to buy one in America, after much negotiation, for £44k.

He could not decide how much photographic equipment to take so decided to sell it all and buy new in America.

With no permanent address to send his purchases to, he took a chance and had £16k worth of equipment sent to the RV salesman who was very interested in photography and collected it once in America!

And so their trip began in earnest. Members were shown stunning images of the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon. He explained how dangerous Antelope Canyon was as the dry riverbed could turn into a raging torrent in a matter of moments. A German Tour Group was killed in a flash flood. The only one to escape was the Navaho Indian Guide who climbed to safety.

The Canyons look most spectacular at sunrise or sunset, but at midday the sun shines through the cracks in the caves at Antelope creating shafts of light. His images required a thirty second exposure as it was so dark inside.
George and wife’s adventure continues next week with an account of his visit to Yosemite National Park, bison, grizzly bears and the Alaskan Highway.

CHRISTINE Campbell Dykes is taking orders for her lovely Christmas wreaths, from £7 each - profits going to Hellingly Church funds. Choice of colours, sample on display in Hellingly Church. Contact Christine on 01323 842 222.

HELLINGLY church uses lots of candles at their Carol Service on December 23 and rely on donations in kind (ordinary household candles are fine). Please leave them in the ‘Candle Box’ at Hellingly Church.