Down Your Way: Hellingly and Horsebridge - March 14

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SUNDAY SERVICES at Hellingly Church this week will be Holy Communion at 8am and again at 10.45am followed by Evensong at 6.30pm. There is also a regular Holy Communion service at 9.30am on a Thursday. Holy Trinity at Upper Dicker Sunday Holy Communion service is at 9.15.

LOVING For Life is preparation day for couples marrying in Hellingly or Upper Dicker churches during the year. It was hosted last month by Hellingly Mothers Union.

With the church full of the aroma of freshly ground coffee and easy-listening music playing in the background, a relaxed atmosphere was created for the arrival of 12 couples.

Ice-breaking sessions, which took the form of exchanging marriage plans between the men and women’s groups, broke any tensions and everyone started smiling.

The day involved brainstorming sessions, worksheets and quality chat time on set subjects and tackled communication, decision making, tackling conflict and listening skills.

Before lunch a couple from the congregation who had been married for some time were interviewed in a light-hearted way about their marriage including their recipe for a lasting marriage. This was a huge success with much laughter and some interesting questions.

The couples met with the organist and flower arrangers over lunch and the afternoon followed with more listening exercises, more laughter and finished with a special prayer for wedding couples used in the church regularly. The feedback forms were very encouraging and showed the project well-worth doing and of great value to attendees.

THANK YOU Girlguiding is the message offered by Maggie Phillips, who is retiring after 31 years of being Brown Owl at Hellingly Brownies. Maggie has worn many different hats in Girlguiding Sussex East but admits working with the Brownies has been the best.

A QUIZ NIGHT is being held at Dicker Hall on March 17 at 7.30pm. Tickets are £6 adults and £3 children under 12 and include supper with tea or coffee, available from Liz on 841541 or Liz on 844687. Bring your own drinks.

JENNY SEALE, Tel: 01323 440567,