Down Your Way: Hampden Park and Willingdon Trees

THE afternoon drama group mentioned in this column a few weeks ago has taken off big time! The intention was to hold it in a private house, but the response has been so positive organisers are now looking for a hall. In the meantime meetings continue at 187 Percival Road, 2pm-4pm on Mondays.

The aim is to read and rehearse short plays and sketches (mostly comedy) and maybe some musical numbers and other forms of light entertainment, with a view to performing to audiences in retirement homes, hospitals and clubs. The organiser, Jan, has had a lifetime of experience in drama, including writing much of her own material. Acting ability and age are no stumbling block to joining this group, as the whole emphasis is on having fun. For more details ring Jan on 500518 or June on 503039.

THE Willingdon Trees Childrens Centre is have a sensory garden. The idea was first developed by Michelle Boyd and she approached Rachel Moran, chairwoman of the Special Parents Group who regularly meet there, to ask if they would like to help, as a garden would greatly benefit the children with special needs for whom Rachel’s group caters.

Parents were asked to put forward suggestions for the garden, and some of these have been incorporated into the design.

They immediately started fundraising and have had a wonderful boost from the Hampden Park and Willingdon Trees panel which is supported by Eastbourne Homes. They have given a substantial grant for the project which will enable the larger items needed, to be purchased.

Parents will also be bag-packing at ESK over the Easter weekend to further boost funds. More details on this project and the Special Parents Group from Rachel on 07522 847742. She would also be delighted to hear from anyone wishing to donate or who can help in any way.

ON THE whole, Hampden Park and Willingdon Trees is a very safe area to live, with crime figures generally down on previous years. However, local Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) have mentioned a few burglaries recently, and that residents should be extra vigilant.

Most have been by access through unlocked back doors or unfastened windows. Due to the present economic climate, there are more ‘opportunists’ only too keen to part owners from their items of value.

Readers are asked to ensure garages and sheds are firmly locked at all times, and if someone rings the front door bell, ensure you lock the back door before opening the front, as some burglars work in teams of two. If you see any suspicious activities, please do not hesitate to ring either 101 (the new non-emergency police number, which replaces the 0845 60 70 999) or go direct to 999.

DO READERS find some ‘road calming humps’ give you the hump?

I have been told by a Hampden Park resident that humps in his road, according to his local garage, are higher than normal, and this has caused damage to cars in the road, including my contact having to pay for a replacement spring on his car which had snapped.

Also one hump is badly damaged with a plate missing and a large bolt sticking up into the road. Call the Highways Department on 0345 608 0193 and they will send out an inspector to look at the complaint.


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