DOWN YOUR WAY (August 14th) - Stone Cross

A WARNING from the Neighbourhood Policing team about the unpleasantness of distraction burglaries where elderly and vulnerable people are the main target of these callous and cowardly criminals. A distraction burglary is when someone calls at your door, pretending to be an official from an organisation such as a utility company, the ‘water board’, council, or in some audacious cases, the police. They trick their way in and distract you while they rifle through your house to steal money or goods. There is a new campaign which aims to raise awareness among older people, their families and carers, of how distraction burglars operate and what to do when confronted with an unexpected caller at their door. The message is simple – Not sure? Don’t open the door! You do not have to let anyone in your house. Any genuine caller will be only too pleased to wait while you check their identity.

HAVE you heard of the Eastbourne Ambulance Community First Responders? Or perhaps you have been fortunate to be visited by one of them when you have had an emergency? The First Responders are volunteers trained to respond to certain emergency 999 calls on behalf of the South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. Because they live in the local community, they can be called at a moments notice and, using their own vehicle, can attend the scene of an emergency at very short notice, often arriving within a few minutes of an emergency 999 call and will be able to provide care until the ambulance arrives. The scheme is a registered charity and funded entirely by donations: in 2010, Westham Parish Council funded a kit for a responder, costing almost £2,000. Typical calls attended are, amongst others, cardiac or respiratory arrest, unconsciousness, choking, chest pains, breathing difficulties and many other.

More information can be found on their website

A BALLROOM and Jive Social Dance Evening will be held in St Luke’s Parish Centre in Stone Cross, on Friday, September 7, 8pmto 11pm (entrance £5). Music includes Ballroom, Latin, Jive, Salsa, Argentine Tango, and Le Roc, (something for everybody). Take your own drinks and snacks, there will be free tea and biscuits. For details call either Lyndon or Pam on 07709 329863 or 01323 760277.

THERE is a Walk in Shiatsu Clinic in St Luke’s Parish Centre on Saturday, August 25, 10am to 2pm. Shiatsu is the gentle art of healing so go along and experiences a deeply relaxing and revitalizing half hour treatment. Shiatsu is a holistic Japanese bodywork therapy with roots in traditional oriental medicine, Amna massage and acupressure. It uses the power of touch and pressure, as well as a variety of stretches and rotations, to encourage the balanced flow of energy throughout the body. Deeply relaxing and revitalizing, Shiatsu can benefit a wide range of conditions. Shiatsu is received fully clothes - no booking, just walk in, payment is by donation (suggested from £10).