Double yellow lines - the facts

Yellow Lines applied in Kings Drive Eastbourne to stop parking allegedly by staff and patients from the DGH. February 25th 2013 E09021P
Yellow Lines applied in Kings Drive Eastbourne to stop parking allegedly by staff and patients from the DGH. February 25th 2013 E09021P

Double yellow lines have been painted on a busy stretch of road in Eastbourne which has been blighted by inconsiderate motorists.

Freshly painted double lines appeared in Kings Drive from the hospital roundabout to the junction of Kings Avenue over the weekend.

Highways bosses say it took the action after complaints that motorists were using the road and grass verges to park on instead of paying to park in the District General Hospital car park.

As well as obstructing the busy road, grass verges have been destroyed as more and more cars parked there in recent months.

Officials at East Sussex County Council say the lines were painted as part of a shake up to deal with parking problems across Eastbourne.

Parking manager, David Weeks, said, “As part of a review of parking restrictions in Eastbourne, double yellow lines have been painted along Kings Drive. This review has included extensive consultation with residents, businesses and employees, and changes have been made based on this feedback.

“Traffic Regulation Orders for all changes made as part of the review were advertised in September last year, with residents having until October 21 2012 to raise any objections.”

The new double yellow lines have been welcomed by Ratton ward councillor Colin Belsey who said he had received lots of complaints from residents living in the area.

“The verges have been churned up by both staff and visitors to the hospital and are now a sodden mess,” said Councillor Belsey.

“The people parking on Kings Drive have ruined the verges by parking on them in the very wet weather we have had of late. I asked the highways department to come down and do a safety check and it was deemed that parking on this section of road was dangerous due to the heavy vehicles, buses, fire appliances and ambulances that use the road regularly and at speed sometimes in emergencies.

“Now the highways department will have to reinstate the ruined grass verges at a cost to residents.”

Councillor Belsey said the problem worsened after controversial moves to charge staff to park in the hospital were introduced and motorists opted to park along Kings Drive and in the Rodmill estate instead.

He said, “I have been campaigning against the charging of staff to park at the hospital since it was brought in some years ago.

“The roads in the Rodmill area are being cluttered by staff cars all day, some of whom park erratically and block residents drives and create other problems in the area.

“I am now delighted this section of Kings Drive will be unavailable for people to park on. The local residents will I hope be as pleased as me that something has been done. This will also make this section of road safer.”

Work is also underway painting new double yellow lines in roads surrounding the hospital area.