Donations help pay for special bike

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Patients at the DGH will benefit from a high-tech piece of rehabilitation equipment thanks to a donation from the Eastbourne and South Wealden MS Society and the Friends of Eastbourne Hospitals.

Both groups stumped up £3,000 towards the £6,000 cost of the passive leg and arm cycle which will be used by staff in the neuro rehabilitation physiotherapy team to help aid muscle tone for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), stroke, Parkinson’s disease and other similar conditions.

Debbie Soave, a neuro physiotherapist at the hospital, said, “We would like to thank the local both the Eastbourne and South Wealden MS Society branch and The Friends of Eastbourne Hospitals for their support.

“The new passive exercise machine will allow patients to exercise both their arms and legs and provide extra support compared with other exercise bikes. “It is being used by inpatients from Wilmington Stroke Unit as well as acute rehabilitation and neuro physiotherapy patients.”

She added, “Exercise will not reverse, prevent nor change the neurologic course of multiple sclerosis but it can support patients with the disease in many other ways. It helps with increased mood and well being, control of weight and decreased appetite, increased stamina, decreased fatigue, and improved sleep.

Peter Nash, chairman of the Friends of the Eastbourne Hospitals, said, “We are pleased to have been able support the physiotherapy department with our contribution towards this new exercise machine. Having seen it in action, it will be a useful addition to the support offered to MS patients and provide a positive benefit for those patients who use it.

Ian Westgate, founder member of the MS Exercise Group which will benefit from the kit, said, “The group has gone from strength to strength with the support from Debbie and her team.”