Don’t lag behind this winter time

As the temperature gauge plummets, residents are being urged to be prepared and make sure their homes are wrapped up for winter.

The warning comes from South East Water which has issued a number of tips on how people can avoid problems and costly bills.

When the temperature drops outside, the water in internal plumbing pipes can freeze, expand, and cause pipes to fracture and burst. Lagging pipes against freezing temperatures will prevent the misery of a flooded home as well as help save water and money too.

Steve Andrews, head of customer and commercial services at South East Water, said, “During the winter period we see a rise in the number of bursts on our water network and this is the same for our customers’ properties too.

“People need to be aware of the hidden danger in the attic, where a lot of internal pipework exists. A collapsed ceiling or coming home to water running down the stairs as a result of a frozen pipe thawing out and then bursting is a nightmare, and can be a costly winter experience.”

Top tips to beat the winter blues include knowing where your internal stoptap is, which is usually under the kitchen sink, asking people to lag outside pipes with insulating material, ensure pipes, cisterns and tanks in unheated areas such as lofts are lagged, repair dripping taps and if people are going away to leave the heating on low.

In addition South East Water is warning people to leave loft doors open to allow warm air to circulate throughout the property.

Steve said, “People should make sure that if a pipe bursts, they turn off the water and central heating and always keep the number of a reliable plumber handy.”

For more information on how properties can stay warm visit and for additional tips go to, a government campaign to get people to think about winter preparations.