Dog survives 300-foot fall from cliffs

A dog has miraculously survived a 300-foot fall from cliffs near Belle Tout.

The Newhaven lifeboat was called to the scene at 2.30pm on Thursday, November 21 after the beloved pet Collie was believed to still be alive following a fall from the cliff top.

Once on the scene, the lifeboat launched its daughter inflatable ‘Y boat’ after spotting the dog cowering at the base of the cliffs.

A crew member went ashore to retrieve the distressed pet, which was relatively uninjured.

The Collie was returned to its relieved and grateful owners at Birling Gap a short while later.

While this dog was lucky to survive such a huge fall, not all pups are so fortunate. Earlier this month, two pets died on the same day after running and falling from the cliff edge.

Coxswain Phill Corsi said, “If you are walking your dog along the cliffs please ensure that they are kept on a lead for their own safety as we have attended many more incidents of this nature this year.

“This Collie is incredibly lucky to survive such a fall, sadly this is rarely the case.”