Dog saves owner’s life after he falls into diabetic coma

Toby Snow and his German Shepherd Looby-Loo who got help when he fell into a diabetic coma. January 8th 2014 E01137Q
Toby Snow and his German Shepherd Looby-Loo who got help when he fell into a diabetic coma. January 8th 2014 E01137Q

A dog owner who was moments away from falling into a diabetic coma has praised his pet for saving his life.

Toby Snow’s blood sugar levels fell dangerously low when he was in bed but thanks to German Shepherd Looby Loo’s whining, partner Mary Friend was woken up in the nick of time.

The drama took place in the early hours of Monday morning at the couple’s Westham home when Mr Snow was in bed.

Mr Snow, of Castle View Gardens, said the incident happened at around 5am, adding, “I was basically in a sleep mode but my dog Looby Loo was frantic.

“I only partially awoke and what concerned me was I found I could not move and she kept nudging with her nose and whining like mad.

“The noise she made woke my partner Mary and she took one look at me and realised I was falling into a diabetic coma.”

The 55-year-old, who was diagnosed with diabetes 15 years ago, said his blood sugar levels were morbidly low and has praised seven-year-old Looby Loo for saving his life.

His partner Mary got her when she was 11-months-old and the couple got together five years ago.

Mr Snow says Looby Loo took to him like a ‘duck to water’.

He added, “When you go into a diabetic coma the chances of coming out are very slim.

“I have no doubt about it, if Looby Loo had not done what she did then I would not be here to tell the tale.

“It’s a wonderful thing to have, not every dog would be able to do this but German Shepherds seem to have the ability.”

Mr Snow, who is insulin dependant, said Mary was able to administer glucose once she was alerted by pet Looby Loo.

He said he now realised there had been previous occasions where the dog had got frantic when his blood sugar had got a little bit low, but on this occasion his levels were dangerously low at 2.5mmol/l.

He added, “On this occasion I could not move, I could not even reach my glucose tablets.

“My voice was slurred as if I had had 10 pints. Her whining was like I had never heard before and it woke Mary up.

“The bond between me and the dog has got stronger and stronger, she’s just incredible.”

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