Dog ‘run over’ by Eastbourne Dotto Train

Adrian McCartney with his dog Poppy
Adrian McCartney with his dog Poppy

A DOG walker feared his pet had been killed when a Dotto Train collided with him and his dog.

Adrian McCartney, who lives near Eastbourne seafront, was out walking his two dogs on the promenade near Treasure Island on Monday afternoon (October 10) when the incident happened.

He has since described the Dotto Trains as ‘iron monsters’ and wants to warn other people.

Adrian told the Gazette his puppy Poppy was off the lead and running around when he heard the engine of the Dotto Train.

He claimed, “I didn’t think I had enough time to get the dog on a lead so I stood in the train’s path and waved my arms.”

Adrian said he believed there was plenty of time for the driver to stop.

He claimed, “He just kept coming.

“He ignored my signal to stop and he ran straight over the dog and then the train ploughed into me.

“I jumped on to the front of the Dotto Train and threw the dog ball thrower I was holding at the windscreen.

“The plastic ball thrower shattered when it hit the hard windscreen.”

Adrian said the driver pulled the Dotto Train to a stop but claimed he did not get out to check on him or the dog.

Both the dog and Adrian were unharmed but it is alleged the Dotto driver swore and shouted at Adrian before driving off.

Adrian said, “I had asked him to stay still while I put the little dog on a lead because I was worried she was going to run back under the train but he didn’t – he just drove off.

“Poppy could have been killed by one of the 30 or 40 wheels that the trains have. The driver’s attitude was one of complete disinterest and annoyance.”

Adrian said people saw the incident and one lady was crying because she was so worried about the dog.

Adrian says he has often thought the Dotto Trains should not be on the promenade and he is now warning parents, other dog owners and elderly people to be aware of the dangers.

He said, “It could have been a child or an elderly person.

“These Dotto Trains are iron monsters. You are not allowed to ride your bike on the seafront but we can hurtle these 10-ton things along there.

“My dog is very, very lucky to be alive and the only reason she is still here is because I decided to go on top of the train.”

A spokesperson from Stagecoach, which operates the Dotto Trains, said, “At this point, our driver’s account varies to that of the gentleman and it is too early for us to make any comment until we have conducted a full investigation.”

Stagecoach is appealing for witnesses to help with the investigation and is asking people who saw the incident to call the bus firm’s customer services department on 0845 600 2299.

Adrian has also informed the police and Eastbourne Borough Council about the incident.