Dog owner was kicked in the head like a football, court hears

Chris Poole. (Copy of supplied photo made January 2nd 2013) E01013P
Chris Poole. (Copy of supplied photo made January 2nd 2013) E01013P

A teenager, accused of murder, kicked his victim in the head as if he was kicking a football, a court has heard.

Shane Noble was seen by witnesses first punching Christopher Poole in the side of the head and then later kicking him in the face as he lay on the floor during an incident outside the Premier store in The Hydneye, Hampden Park on August 16 last year.

Nineteen-year-old Noble of no fixed address and a 15-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, both deny murdering 46-year-old Mr Poole.

Their trial began at Lewes Crown Court at the start of the week and today (Tuesday) the prosecution outlined its case alleging Noble and the teenage boy are jointly respoonsible for murdering Mr Poole from the injuries they inflicted.

Prosecutor Matthew Farmer told members of the jury how a row had broken out between a group of youths and Mr Poole, who had tied up his two small dogs outside the convenience store while he went inside to buy some lager and vodka.

Mr Farmer said when Mr Poole came out there was a group of teenagers near his dogs and he told them to stay away from the animals.

“The group was abusive to Mr Poole and swore at him. A row ensued and it appears as though the 15-year-old boy and Mr Poole squared up to each other,” said Mr Farmer.

“The shopkeeper Bayrum Sahindal, known as Barry, became aware of a disturbance and went outside and stood between them. One boy then called to Shane Noble who was standing on a balcony in Fife Court which overlooked the store and asked him to come and help.

“Shane Noble came running out from Fife Court and ran at Mr Poole and punched him to the side of the face. Mr Poole landed on his back and struggled to get up.

“Mr Poole was wobbling and swaying as he got up and tried to walk away. At this point he faced his attacker and the 15-year-old then joined in, punched Chris Poole in the jaw and he fell again.

“Shane Noble then runs and swinging his leg back with a full force kicked, like a football being kicked, Mr Poole in the face. The group left the scene and together and at this point Mr Poole was unconscious.”

The Crown alleges the 15-year-old delivered a second punch to Mr Poole as he lay dying on the floor.

Mr Farmer added, “The two defendants were acting together in attacking Mr Poole.”

An ambulance was called and Mr Poole from Iden Street, Hampden Park, was rushed to the DGH but was declared brain dead and died from his injuries the next day.

The trial is expected to last a month.