Dog dies after elastic band torture


A DOG who had an elastic band wrapped around her neck by heartless thugs has died from her injuries.

Brigitte Sumner, who lives in Meads, noticed her dog Phoebe was having difficulty breathing and swallowing her food in the middle of February.

Brigitte said she thought 14-year-old Phoebe was suffering from the effects of old age but then found an elastic band around her pet’s neck.

Back in February, Brigitte told the Gazette, “It was embedded deeply around her neck and we thought it was a piece of string at first.

“It had made a cut around her neck and as soon as we took it away she started to get better.”

The elastic band, thought to be put on the dog by a cruel stranger while she was away from her owners on a walk, was removed and Phoebe started to breathe and eat more normally.

However, the elderly dog was unable to fully recover.

Brigitte said, “When it became apparent that nothing else could be done after the elastic band was removed, we had a few consultations with a wonderful holistic practitioner, Mayke Hogestijn in Alfriston. She uses aromatherapy and other ways of healing that helped Phoebe a lot and made a big difference in the last few weeks of her life.

“At some stage it even seemed that she would make a full recovery. Unfortunately, Phoebe was too old, and the elastic band had been around her neck for too long and she died last Tuesday.

“She is sadly missed and leaves a large gap but very happy memories.”

Brigitte is keen to warn other dog owners that there are cruel people in Eastbourne who want to cause harm to animals.

She described it as a ‘truly horrible thing to discover’ and added, “I am worried about other dogs in the area and want to make people aware.”

She is also supporting Mayke’s animal charity called Jessie’s Trust, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary on Good Friday. Brigitte said, “I pledged to help them bring this to people’s attention as they want to enter the Guinness Book of Records by having the largest number of people dressed up as Dalmatians to spread the word about the charity which is raising fund for an animal sanctuary.”

For more information about the charity visit