Doe Meads sighting is deer-ly appreciated

A doe spotted in Eastbourne countryside
A doe spotted in Eastbourne countryside

A DEER was spotted in Meads last week.

Eastbourne resident Bill Clarke saw the creature near Meads Brow on June 1.

He said it was female, a doe, and he managed to take this photograph of the animal. He spotted it at around 8.30pm and the picture was taken from the road.

According to the British Deer Society’s website it is rare to see a doe in the wild. Remarkably the creature Bill spotted was not far from the area’s many homes.

The British Deer Society said, “Watching deer in the wild where they can exhibit natural behaviour is a wonderful and rewarding experience.

“For many however, the opportunity to see deer can only be achieved by visiting parks where deer are managed in a herd and often become used to the presence of humans.”