Doctor documents series of true-life hospital incidents

Dr Jay's book 'Your Lives in Our Hands' SUS-140530-120140001
Dr Jay's book 'Your Lives in Our Hands' SUS-140530-120140001

A retired Eastbourne doctor has published a book containing a series of short stories based on true incidents he witnessed while working as a surgical trainee in the south.

Writing under the pseudonym Dr Jay, he spent just three months putting 33 year’s worth of tales into a book entitled ‘Your Lives in Our Hands’.

He said, “Because these stories were bubbling inside of me all these years, longing for expression into words in a book, it was relatively easy for me to write the book.

“You will not find swear words in it but there will be subtle humour, tales of gladness and sadness, all in appropriate measures.”

The 66-year-old graduated from Trivandrum Medical College in Kerala, India, before undergoing all the higher surgical training in the UK.

He received the coveted ‘Star Award’ from the Chief Executive of the teaching hospital where he worked for 18 years after colleagues, two doctors and two nurses, nominated him for the prestigious prize.

The 30 incidents described in his book happened in various hospitals in England and Wales but all patient’s names have been changed to protect their identity. Dr Jay, whose wife, two daughters and son-in-law are all doctors too, was encouraged to pen the book by a colleague who thought it would be ‘informative and educational to the general public as well as aspiring and currently practising health care professionals because all the stories have some message to the readers’.

‘Your Lives in Our Hands’ is available to buy as a paperback on Amazon and has so far received five stars from each of its seven reviews. One review read, “Really appreciate the honesty of the author and simplicity of his presentation. Highly recommended reading.”

The book was published on April 14, 2014.