Do you know where pictures were taken?


Referring to your Looking Back picture of the garage in Grove Road in the 1900s (Eastbourne Herald June 14), unfortunately I can’t identify any of the vehicles that Mr Visick would like to know about.

However it is a very interesting picture as I think it may show the building that was the market that was previously on the site in the 1890s.

There were evidently five or six units in that market space according to the directories.

The RN Collins Sports shop started its life there in 1891 and it was the site of the Catholic Church of Our Lady of Ransom prior to the opening of the present church around 1900.

The Collins business, my wife’s family, moved across the road to 3 South Street in 1900.

The attached photo shows Robert Nelson Collins with one of his five daughters outside the South Street shop.

I would be interested to see any other photos of the Collins shops either in the market in the 1890s or in Grove Road after 1946. Thank you,

Graham Appleby, 
South Cliff.