Dismay as Park tree vandals strike again

Gillian and David Horton survey the damage
Gillian and David Horton survey the damage
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A HAMPDEN Park mum who lost her daughter to breast cancer says she is ‘incensed’ that her memorial tree has been vandalised for the third time.

Gillian Horton’s daughter Jacqueline Sweeney sadly died in March 2005.

Friends and family of popular Jacqueline donated money towards a memorial at her wake and Gillian, her husband David and one of Jacqueline’s closest friends planted a cherry blossom tree near the lake in Hampden Park in 2006.

Earlier this year Gillian was sad to see the tree had been vandalised for the second time and now, just as it had started to recover, vandals have struck again.

Gillian said, “There is hardly anything of it left now - it is just twigs. They have snapped it and then put it in the ice on the lake. I just feel so upset by it.”

Gillian discovered the latest act of vandalism when visiting the tree on what would have been her daughter’s 47th birthday on Monday (December 20).

She said, “I was incensed when I saw it had been vandalised again. It is just so horrible. The people who did it are very sad and should get a life.”

Gillian has contacted Eastbourne Borough Council about the vandalism but says she cannot afford to plant another tree in her daughter’s memory daughter.

She added, “Even if I did have another one planted, they would only do the same thing again.”