Disbelief as store charges a customer 1p for showing ID

Sian Heather and receipt SUS-140708-091918001
Sian Heather and receipt SUS-140708-091918001

An Eastbourne teenager was left with utter disbelief after she was charged a penny for showing her ID at a local convenience store.

Sian Heather visited Bargain Booze on Seaside Road on Monday, August 4 but it wasn’t until after she left the shop and checked her receipt she realised next to an additional charge of £0.01 was written ‘Successful ID shown’.

The 19-year-old said, “When I got to the till and it was a penny more than I expected, I just thought I must have read the price wrong, I didn’t question it.

“Then when I looked at my receipt, I saw the charge was for showing them my ID.

“The cashier asked to see my ID but didn’t mention anything about charging me for it. I’ve never known anything like it and none of my friends have either. Most of them have just laughed about it. I know it’s only a penny but if I go there often, it will add up. Next time, I’m tempted not to show them my ID on principle and see what they charge me then.”

A member of staff at Bargain Booze who claimed to be the store manager but refused to give his name, said, “We didn’t do that, we don’t actually charge people a penny.

“If she paid it, it was her mistake. If she wants her penny back, she can come into store and get it back. We have to ask people for ID.”

Bargain Booze’s head office has been contacted for a comment but at the time of going to press, had not responded.