Dignity in Dying

Steve Parlanti watched his mum Pam plead with doctors and hospice carers to help her end her life with a fatal injection. He is now calling for a change in the law.

Mr Parlanti says 80 per cent of people agree with assisted dying and he is hoping like-minded Eastbourne residents will contact him and become members of the group.

He says that the Dignity in Dying group has very clear aims which are not to be confused with euthanasia or any pro-suicide groups.

He told the Herald, “At Dignity in Dying, we want a choice for mentally competent adults who have been certified by two independent doctors and been given six months to live so they do not have to suffer against their will.

“It is all about choice and the person must also be able to take the fatal medication themselves.”

This is reflected in Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill and Mr Parlanti says he believes, if enough people put pressure on the government, a change in the law can be achieved.

Mr Parlanti said, “We are not trying to force our opinions on anyone else, we are just asking for choice.

“Eighty per cent are in favour of a change in the law and Lord Falconer’s Bill has the necessary safeguards in place to make sure the law is not abused.”

Dignity in Dying has groups across the country and Mr Parlanti is hoping supporters in Eastbourne will get in touch and help to form a local branch.

Mr Parlanti added, “Every mentally competent person should be allowed to choose how and when they depart. Is that really too much to ask?”