Did aliens visit Airbourne?

IT'S NOT a bird, it's not a plane, but what exactly is it?

That was the question Airbourne spectator Steve Wilkins was left asking himself after his video footage of a display in the skies above Eastbourne showed strange white lights flying around the plane.

Steve, who lives in Hastings, posted the extraordinary footage on the popular website You Tube and his film has become the 69th most watched video on the internet site.

Entitled UFOs? Airbourne 07, the two minute long film footage shot by 41-year-old Steve shows an air display by world renowned stunt pilot John Taylor above Eastbourne on Friday afternoon.

As well as proving to be a popular hit with internet users, the video has also atttracted comments from people interested in UFOs and the paranormal.

Steve, who was at Airbourne with his partner, Helene, and their children, Beth, ten and nine-year-old Alice, says he was amazed to see the little white bright lights darrting through the sky when he viewed his footage.

"I was just reviewing my footage and saw them and thought, 'Wow, what on earth is that'," said Steve.

"I thought it was really weird. I had 90 minutes of footage but the lights can only be seen following one particular plane and that is the one being flown by John Taylor."