DGH welcomes inspectors

Eastbourne DGH District General Hospital . January 3rd 2013 E0103Q ENGSUS00120140201135018
Eastbourne DGH District General Hospital . January 3rd 2013 E0103Q ENGSUS00120140201135018

The DGH says it welcomes the announcement that the Care Quality Commission will inspect it later this year.

The CQC has confirmed that the Trust will be one of a number of Trusts visited by the new Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Professor Sir Mike Richards, and his team in their next round of inspections that will take place in the week of September 9 2014.

Darren Grayson, chief executive of East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, said, “When the inspection team comes, they will see an integrated Trust that works to provide seamless care for the people of East Sussex.

“Like every other Trust in the country, we have our challenges and we know we don’t get everything right all of the time, but that doesn’t stop us aiming high and continually trying to improve the care we offer.

“There is, of course, the natural nervousness that comes when you’re told you’re being inspected; we know the CQC will be keen to see whether we’ve got good plans and procedures in place, and they’ll want reassurance that we’ve got the basics right such as infection control, privacy and dignity for our patients, and protecting them from harm.”

Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd said, “Over the last few weeks I have had a series of meetings up in Westminster with the Care Quality Commission.

“A number of constituents have contacted me over a range of different services provided by our local trust, ESHT, and I have taken those concerns to the CQC and told them it was very important that the Trust be independently and robustly assessed.

“I felt it essential that these issues were looked at independently by trained medical personnel so that Eastbourne residents can discover just how adequately our own hospital and community services are delivering.

“I am hopeful that the report, when it is published, gives our town a clear snapshot of how our local hospital and community NHS services are performing for them.”

Save the DGH champion Liz Walke said the inspection ‘can’t come soon enough’.

“Perhaps the CQC can stop the current drainage of our core services. We have seen essential emergency services removed in the name of safety and quality and yet all that’s happened is the same staff giving the same treatment quite possibly isolated in a DGH miles away from home without family and friends support in an emergency situation!

“We also hope staff will be able to speak freely about what’s been happening but they must have anonymity. Let’s see if ESHT is fit for purpose.”