DGH staff set to raise hypo awareness

HOSPITAL staff at the DGH will be highlighting the dangers of hypoglycaemia by taking part in the first ever national Hypo Awareness Week.

Hypos (hypoglycaemia or low blood glucose) happen when the blood glucose level of people with diabetes drops too low and they can feel shaky and unwell.

The National Diabetes Inpatient Audit, a bedside survey, has consistently found that 15 per cent of inpatients have diabetes and almost a quarter of them experience a hypo while in hospital.

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs the DGH, has therefore decided to take part in the first ever national Hypo Awareness Week, which startedon Monday and runs until Sunday, to try and reduce incidents of hypoglycaemia.

The week has been organised by NHS Diabetes, which works with the NHS to improve diabetes care, and the Trust will be staging activities to raise awareness of the condition. Resources, including hypo symptom factsheets and an online training course, will be used to help spread the word.

Helen O’Donnell, a diabetes specialist nurse at the DGH, said, “There has been a lot of initiatives that the Diabetes Team has done over the last year to raise awareness of treatment of hypoglycaemia for inpatient. This week will give us an opportunity to join in with the campaign by circulating various information regarding hypos around the hospital, not just in the clinical areas but also in the other key areas accessible to the general public.”