DGH’s A&E department praised by Secretary of State

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The health trust which runs the DGH has been praised as having the most improved quarterly A&E performance in the country.

Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt praised the Trust in a personal letter, revealing that the quarterly percentage of patients treated and either admitted or discharged within four hours increased by nearly nine percentage points, from 80.7 per cent between March-May to 89.4 per cent between June-August.

The letter, sent to chief executive Dr Adrian Bull and chairman David Clayton-Smith, described the achievement as ‘remarkable’ and ‘testament to the hard work and dedication of the staff’.

Jeremy Hunt said this improvement was ‘making a real difference to the lives of many of our sickest and most vulnerable patients’.

However, he did warn the Trust that he expected performance to increase to 90 per cent which was ‘expected of all Trusts by September 2017’.

Dr Bull said, “It was a pleasant surprise to receive a letter from the Secretary of State saying we were the most improved Trust in the country for A&E performance and praising this achievement.

“It is recognition of the hard work and dedication of many colleagues both at the Trust and across our local health and social care system.

“We will continue to work together under ‘East Sussex Better Together’ to improve A&E performance even further, as there is strong clinical evidence to show that meeting this standard achieves better outcomes and improves patient experience.