DGH operations rescheduled

Some operations have been rescheduled at Eastbourne DGH due to winter illnesses among hospital staff.

A spokesperson from East Sussex Healthcare Trust said, “Just like every year the Trust has to manage within the funds available to it.

“This year we have seen an increase in demand for our services and as a result we have opened up extra clinical areas to meet this demand. In addition we are also managing the impact of the bad weather last month and the higher rates of staff sickness associated with winter.

“As always, our main priority is to ensure that we maintain safety and deliver a good quality of service to our patients.

“We have introduced a number of measures to address our immediate challenges and enable us to focus on achieving our aims for the year whilst maintaining patient safety.

“This includes ensuring all clinical staff time is focused on patient activity to ensure continuity of care for patients by avoiding the use of temporary staff and rescheduling some planned procedures in orthopaedics and cardiology to enable us to provide a safe service to those requiring urgent and emergency care.

“Our senior clinicians are assessing each proposed measure before it is action to ensure that we are maintaining patient safety at all times.”

Have you been affected by the rescheduling. Call reporter Juliet Mead on 01323 414484 or email juliet.mead@eatbourneherald.co.uk.