Devonshire homes brought back to life

A host of homes have been snapped up in Seaside and Seaside Road as part of a scheme to replenish the council’s housing stock.

Eastbourne Borough Council has earmarked £2.4 million for its Empty Homes Initiative, which is being run in tandem with Eastbourne Homes.

The idea is to buy unused properties and bring them back into use as part of the local authority’s housing stable – creating affordable homes for local people and easing the council’s housing list.

Among the latest raft of properties purchased is a former tobacconist shop at 67-69 Seaside Road, which will be converted into four flats and a ground floor retail unit.

Elsewhere, further flats will be created at 1-5 Seaside and another purchase is in the pipeline for the space at 51-53 Seaside Road.

The majority of the homes will be located in the Devonshire Ward as part of the council’s wider plans to improve the area.

The scheme is being funded by the council with grants from the Housing and Communities Agency (HCA) and when complete will create 20 new council homes.