Developers under fire from angry residents

Five Acre Field July11th 2012 E28099N
Five Acre Field July11th 2012 E28099N

IT IS described as the best address in Eastbourne.

But residents at Taylor Wimpey’s Regency Park development in Wartling Road say the housebuilder is refusing to put right a catalogue of wrongs and should never be allowed to build in the town again.

The angry private and housing association residents say Taylor Wimpey is not taking responsibility and address the outstanding works and deterioration of buildings.

Resident Viv Angus, who lives in Bateman House, said the three-year-old building is plagued with ongoing problems caused by what she calls “bad workmanship and cheap materials”.

She says homes have been left without running water and they have been unable to flush a toilet.

Rain water is penetrating through the walls and because there is no guttering, water runs noisily down the side of the building through metal balconies causing large puddles of water around the base of the block.

The resident spoke out at a meeting of Eastbourne Borough Council’s planning committee on Tuesday night when planners were asked to give permission for yet more flats on the site.

Mrs Angus said, “We have no faith in the this company, they have let the residents down time and time again, full of empty promises and unwilling to take on responsibility, whether it be to the housing association or private residents.

“The best address in Eastbourne? I don’t think so..”

The ward’s Liberal Democrat councillor Steve Wallis is backing the residents and said he receives a large number of complaints from residents at Regency Park.

“Residents have had more than their fair share of issues and there is still a lengthy to-do lost of repair work and projects that need addressing, ideally before any new developments are built,” he said.

The planning committee discussed Taylor Wimpey’s application to increase the number of flats in one block from 36 to 42.

The councillors said they had sympathy for the residents and hoped Taylor Wimpey would “sit up and listen” to the concerns.

They refused permission for the increase in flats saying the new number of flats marked an over development of the site.

The Herald contacted Taylor Wimpey but no comment was forthcoming.