Determined duo’s healthy change of lifestyle

Andrew and Lynette Baldwin after the weight loss
Andrew and Lynette Baldwin after the weight loss

AN Eastbourne couple who between them lost nearly nine stone in weight were put forward for Slimming World’s Couple of the Year award.

Andrew and Lynette Baldwin, who run Baldwin Training Centre, joined their local slimming club a year ago and are now shadows of their former selves.



The couple decided to join Slimming World and lose the weight so they could ‘continue to further their business and run after their grandchildren’.

Last week Andrew and Lynette went to Derby with other shortlisted couples to compete for the title of Couple of the Year 2012.

They missed out on the top prize but were pleased to be the only ones selected from the South East of England for the competition.

Andrew said, “It was a nice day and quite moving to hear everyone’s stories.

“We didn’t put ourselves in for it, we just went with the flow and were put forward so none of us there thought we had a better story than anyone else.”

Andrew, 57, and Lynette, 45, say they are delighted with their weight loss and now have better self-esteem as a result.

Andrew lost 3st 4lb and Lynette lost an impressive 5st 4lb.

They have been supporting each other through the process. Andrew said, “We work long hours and didn’t want to change that but we wanted a better work life balance and we have got that now.

“We enjoy a walk along the seafront at the weekend instead of going to the kitchen and making a fried breakfast.

“We support each other and when there is a cream cake on offer, we think about whether we want that cream cake or whether we want an extra few months with our grandchildren.”

Andrew and Lynette are regulars at many of Eastbourne’s business lunches and Andrew says he now opts for the healthy option. He said, “It was difficult at first but now I am not worried about asking for a fruit salad.”