Desperate mum’s bungalow appeal

Tracy and Joel Calver
Tracy and Joel Calver

THE MUM of a disabled 10-year-old who continually falls down the stairs in their home is appealing for a bungalow to help keep her son safe.

Tracy Calver, of Pullborough Avenue, says her house is not suitable for son Joel who has an unnamed syndrome.

Tracy, 33, said, “He is part of an ongoing trial to try and diagnose him but he has epilepsy, he can’t talk, has a wide leg gait so walks like a toddler, has ADHD and autistic tendencies.

“He also has no sense of fear or danger, has sensory needs, breathing difficulties, reflux and bowel problems and is incontinent. He has to take 13 tablets a day to keep him alive.

“I am starting to think I am going to have to put him in care or in a boarding school, because I just can’t keep him safe in this house,” she said.

Tracy says she is shocked there are only a handful of bungalows in Eastbourne.

She said, “Unfortunately even though Eastbourne is full of pensioners and disabled people, the council only have eight two-bedroom bungalows in their stock and even less with three bedrooms.”

Tracy says private renting is more difficult with a disabled child as landlords often don’t want adaptations, such as a wet room, made to their properties.

The concerned mum says she has contacted the council, housing groups and the town’s MP Stephen Lloyd but has had no luck.

Tracy has had to give up her business to care for her son and said, “I am a proud person and I don’t like asking for things but I have no choice if I want to keep my son safe.

“I feel my only option is to get my story out there and hope that someone who is in the buy to let trade would be willing to work with me to buy me a bungalow which I can rent off them.

To help Tracy email:

An Eastbourne Borough Council spokesperson said, “The council has been working with Ms Calver for some time to help meet the needs of her disabled son. While a bungalow has been recommended as the most suitable accommodation for this family, there simply are not any council-owned bungalows available.”