‘Desperate’ mum appeals for return of autistic son’s bag

Riley Williams
Riley Williams

An Eastbourne mum has issued a desperate plea for the return of her autistic son’s Batman backpack, which was taken after being left on a bus at the weekend.

Tess Williams and her six-year-old son Riley had got on the 137 loop bus at Tesco, Lottbridge Drove, at around 1.30pm on Saturday, April 18.

They got off the bus on Beatty Road but soon realised Riley’s Batman backpack, containing his black Nintendo 3DS, had been left behind.

Ms Williams immediately called a taxi and followed the bus route before catching up with the vehicle, near Eastbourne DGH. However, when she got back on the bus, the bag was nowhere to be seen.

She said, “I’ve looked absolutely everywhere for my son’s belongings. I’ve checked in all the charity shops and electrical shops in town and gone to the police and Stagecoach, but neither of them have helped me. I’ve posted it all over Facebook just hoping somebody knows where it is.

“Once we got off the bus and realised it had been left behind, we chased the bus in a taxi. It took us about half an hour before we caught up with the bus but by then, the bag was gone. Nobody has handed it in to the driver or to lost property since, so we can only assume it’s been stolen.

“My son is absolutely distraught. It was a Batman backpack with his Nintendo 3DS inside, which also had Batman stickers on it. I’ve managed to buy him a replacement but it’s pink and as he is autistic, certain possessions are very important to him. He’s completely devastated.

“I’m just so desperate to get it back as soon as possible.”

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Riley’s things is asked to contact Ms Williams on 01323 658426.