Design day set for Tower cafe

A DESIGN Day for the Wish Tower cafe site is to be held in March by a new group.

Eastbourne Can is hoping interested parties will get together, share ideas and plan a new building that will work for the whole of the community as well as serve as a fitting memorial to those from Eastbourne who died in the Second World War.

It is not yet known where the event will take place, but people interested in attending can find out more at the group’s website

The group was set up in spring last year by friends Will Callaghan, David Pompfret and Jason Paterson, who say it is for anyone who loves the town and wants to make it better still.

The aim is to celebrate the great things about Eastbourne, Provide a forum to share constructive ideas and promote great design in and around the town.

Will said, “Eastbourne Can is a group of local individuals and businesses who want to give something back to the town.

“We have no council affiliation and our only agenda is to give the people of Eastbourne the facility they deserve.

“We’re aiming to hold the day mid to late March.

“We need architects, local or national, to help run it and any suggestions would be great.

“Most people we’ve spoken to want a signature restaurant backed by someone of Jamie Oliver’s calibre to draw the crowds.

“That’s great, but we think a new building could offer so much more than that.

“The new Wish Tower Restaurant should cater to the whole community – part top notch restaurant, cafe, sun deck, somewhere to rest on a stroll from Holywell to the Pier, a place to take hungry kids after they’ve been charging up and down the beach.

“It needs to be beautiful structure that puts Eastbourne on the map while respecting our seafront heritage.

“Bexhill’s De La Warr pavilion covers a lot of these bases and it’s busy every time we go.

“We could learn lessons from it.

The worst that could happen is we get a solution imposed from above.

“We can imagine a developer showing off plans for a fancy structure backed by a big name chef that pay no regard to the folks who can’t afford haute cuisine or the loyal clientele the old restaurant had.

“We want the entire community to have a say.”